A few weeks ago I had the distinct honour of having two weeks of lectures from the very cool Ed Hooks. Ed is an actor, director and author of the book 'Acting for Animators'. Ed has taught at Pixar, Bungie and even gave Teri Hatcher acting lessons (but I did not hold this against him).

On the back of his teachings I was assigned the task of animating a pre-rigged character which I was given by the university (using one of the free ones from the 11 second club probably would have made life easier) and I had to take a 10 second film clip and animate the physical performance in the scene (hmm, this is starting to sound familiar).

The rules were that I had to find and show the 'objective > obstacle > conflict' which was an area Ed had spoken about in great detail during his time with my class.

I then had to write a  report (no more than a 1000 words) based on this. I took the bull by the horns and contacted Ed by email and asked if he could have a look at my WIP animatic. Ed was really enthusiastic about my choice and we struck up a dialogue throughout the project which was almost like having a one to one tutorial session with him in each email. the man is, rightly so, a legend!

Anyway, I'm pretty pleased with the final result and in Ed's own words 'take a bow Anthony, mission accomplished'. He must have already been paid by the uni before he said this so I can only assume he was being genuine lol. High praise indeed.

You lucky people get to see it right here! I also made the hat in Maya, multi talented or what?